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August 9 2020
In the midst of this the Lord says;"I will give you a new heart."
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2020 Beirut explosions
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August 16 2020
The Chosen
 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”
August 23 2020
Chris Leeper
Chris Leeper and his family visited Fort Bragg Grace Community Church. Chris is sharing a message with our congregation.
August 30 2020
The Great Company of the Believers
The great provision spoke by all the witnesses. Fully persuade what God had promised He would perform.
Edward Vangelisti
September 6 2020
He shares a great message of encouragement.
September 13 2020
Jonah's Storm
Greg talks about the bricks already having faced the fire.
September 20 2020
God's Love Endures Forever
Greg shares about the hardships of his life.
October 11 2020
Becky Diehl shares her journey
Becky shares the importance of trusting God for the strength to press on to the next adventure.
October 18 2020
Are we ready for persecution?
Greg talks about the signs that would tell us to start preparing for persecution. Many countries around the world are already feeling.
November 22 2020
If you think you know the Psalms
Greg shows us how to remember our favorite Psalms.