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Sunday, Sept. 1 2019
Sunday, Sept. 8 2019
Sunday, Sept. 29 2019
Sunday , Oct. 6 2019
Sunday, Oct. 13 2019
Second Coming Saints
Bride, Body, Building of Christ
Accessing and Advancing The Kingdom Of Heaven
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Heaven Is Coming To Earth
Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord
Peoples Live Being Changed Today
Putting Off and Putting On
Getting God To Fight Your Battles
Offending Children
A whole generation is being destroyed.
Sunday, Nov. 3 2019
Sunday, Nov. 17 2019
Sunday, Dec. 1 2019
Sunday, Dec. 8 2019
Sunday, Dec. 15 2019
Sunday, Dec. 29 2019
How to save yourself
First Day To Celebrate Christ's Work
History of Gods work in Hawii.
Prophecy of Jesus' Coming
Candle of Joy
Unity - Make Us One
Ps 133 "Behold How Good"
Saturday, Jan. 18 2020
The Master Wine Maker
George Hurd spoke at Men's Breakfast
Sunday, Jan. 19 2020
 The Sanctity of Human Life
The message was not recorded but this is the transcript.
Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020
Jesus' Passover
Sunday, Feb. 9 2020
A Great Cloud of Witnesses
Sunday, Feb.16 2020
Self Talk - Psalm 103: "Bless The Lord O My Soul"
Nathan Wagner shares on how to speak God's Word to yourself.