Fort Bragg Grace Community Church Videos
Fort Bragg Grace Community Church
1450 Oak St.
From Trash to Treasure
Pastor Greg
Greg shows the analogy of God's redemption power.
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Baptism on the Beach
It is a time for outdoor rejoicing.
Chris Leeper
 Aug 23 2020
Chris Leeper and his family visited Fort Bragg Grace Community Church. Chris is sharing a message with our congregation.
Pastor / Teacher
Mack Besser
Part 1
Mack is presenting a teaching series on; "The Bible View of the World". This is part 1. It was recorded on September 6, 2020
Baptism at Big River August 23,2020
Slide show of a great time of baptism and fellowship
Pastor / Teacher
Mack Besser
Part 2
The Bible View of the World Part 2.
Sunday School
Pastor / Teacher
Mack Besser
Teaching on the 3 aspects of post WW2 American society.
Pastor / Teacher
Mack Besser
Mack shares on the touchy subject of abortion.
Paster / Teacher
Mack Besser
Part 5
Crossing the Rubicon
The destruction of the family unit. Mack has a great view and teaches how we can pray.
Living Word Christmas Card 2020
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