“Dusty Dan”

Off Cobb Mountain
The Lambeths came
Refined by fire
To their ocean domain

Like the Master,
a builder is he
for the Kato and the Pomo tribes
He’s served their needs

A heart for the lost
With no concern for the cost
God’s word he spreads
Wherever he’s led

Now a new chapter begins
As he charts a new course,
With Sally, his prayer warrior
Like Nehemiah he starts…

With a trowel in one hand
And a sword to defend,
He builds up the walls
So God’s kingdom may extend

“Dusty Dan” as he says it
There’s no task too large,
For God is his strength
And God’s kingdom, his charge
Poem by; Greg Escher

Dan Lambeth, contractor with cabinet maker & pastor Corbin Arney