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Greg Escher is married to Valerie Irene (Deitzler) Escher from Vallejo, California. They have three children. They live in Fort Bragg, California where he pastors Grace Community Church.

Greg grew up in Hawaii where his parents continue to reside and received his schooling at the University of Hawaii. He prepared for the ministry at Golden Gate Theological Seminary in Mill Valley, CA and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois where he earned a Masters of Divinity.

He previously has been on staff at churches in Kailua, Hawaii; Vallejo, Novato and Petaluma, California. He has pastored for over 30 years. In 1983 he pioneered a church plant in Vallejo for ten years in an area now known as American Canyon. That church is now pastored by his co-pastor Alan Brazell.

In 1993 Greg returned to pastor the parent church founded by Mark Buckley and being pastored by his long time pastor/mentor Sherman Moyer. In 2003 the Novato Church sent out a team plant the Fairfield. He finished his current assignment in the summer 2004 after getting the Novato Church situated in their own property.

Greg is a writer, songwriter and worship leader who accompanies himself on the guitar. His Christmas tract “Bring your Presence to the Tree” was picked up by the American Tract Society and has received broad distribution. He was guest editorialist for the Novato Advance on several occasions. He hosted a television series “In My Father's House” where he interviewed Christians for a secular audience. The show aired on various community access stations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Greg's other loves are teaching the scriptures and young people. Greg has written a number of position papers and has a vision of “a practical unity coming from theological clarity”. He has participated in the unity movement at a city, county and regional level with Pastor’s Prayer Fellowship, Mission Marin, and Pray the Bay board respectively. The Eschers have mentored several young people who were in distress by taking them into their home and getting them through the years of temptation and transition. They currently homeschool their children.

Greg suffered the loss of his mother in 1976 to cancer and his sister Carol and her fiancée to a dual electrocution accident just before their wedding. His sister Marilyn is a career translator missionary on the west coast of Africa to the Wolof tribe in Senegal. Greg's siblings and their children are all following the Lord, a tribute to the godly heritage of Greg's parents George and Vicki (1976) and now Miriam Rediger formerly of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Miriam, a widowed cousin to Victoria, has three children who are active in ministry as well.

As side businesses Greg has done lawn clean up and building maintenance, teach surfing and mentor troubled youth.

Greg and Val Escher, Kevin, Faith and Joel
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Rev. Greg and Val Escher
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